The Ringsport Professional Sauna Suit.

A new model high quality for quick weight loss for weigh in or detox. The Sauna Suit is the perfect tool for the athlete looking to lose those last couple of grams before the weigh-in.

Designed with the Muay Thai or boxer in mind, Sauna Suit will not interfere with your boxing workout as you sweat to help you make weight.

You must not over do it as incorrect use may cause severe dehydration. Features: Reflective tape on Jacket and pants. Hooded Top with Drawstring; 100% Rubberized Nylon;

Adjustable Jacket Cuff with Hook & Loop Closure; Adjustable Zippered Opening at the Bottom of the Pants Elastic Cuff Pockets in pants and jacket. Elastic waist. Long loose arms.

Size S 50- 60kg, M 55 - 70kg, L 70 - 80kg, XL80 - 95kg, XXL 95+ XXXL kg

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