How to Increasing Punching Speed

The best way to increase speed in any movement is to either make the body move faster itself or by tricking it to move faster by using resistance. This artificially slows the body down which in turn will increase its speed when the resistance is removed. The following exercises for increasing punching speed are simple and effective and will help increase hand speed over time. A basic weights strength program to develop overall body strength will also help develop speed as there is a definite correlation between strength and speed.

All of these exercises will also build some strength and muscle endurance.

Medicine Ball Throws: Use a medicine ball between 2 and 7 kgs depending on your body weight. For example : body weight below 50 kg use a 2 kg ball, 50kg – 70kg use a 3kg, 70kg – 85kg use a 5kg and 85kg up use a 5 - 7 kg ball.

Technique Below are some exercises you may want to try, you can vary it as you like later. As with all training you should do a set exercise over a minimum period of 4 weeks to start to see some gains and continue to increase resistance as you improve. Take the medicine ball in the palm of the hand and bring it to your shoulder height in the position your hand is placed to throw a punch.

The ball is then thrown or punched at a solid wall, the movement of the hand and arm should be the same as when you throw a punch, with full arm extension before the ball is launched at the wall. The ball will rebound from the wall back towards the thrower who then catches the ball with the same or opposite arm. As it is caught the boxer should let the ball push the arm fully back as if it were spring loading and stretching the shoulder and chest muscles before throwing the ball back in an explosive manner, back at the wall.


A partner can also be used to throw and catch the ball using a Wall or Using a Partner Exercises for speed, twice a week: 4 x 1 minute rounds with 60 second breaks

• opposite hands for the first 2 weeks light ball.

• 4 x 1 minute rounds with 60 second breaks opposite hands. Increase the balls weight a little as it becomes easier. Exercises for endurance, twice a week, maximum:

• 4 x 2 minute rounds with 30 second break opposite hand.


Hand Weighted Bag Work for Speed : This bag work method is used to artificially slow down the hands by using weights in each hand whilst punching the bag as hard and fast as possible. The added weight of the dumbbells slows the movement down.

The body’s muscles will work harder to compensate for this resistance when the weight is removed there is an added burst of speed which will seem faster, with less effort than normal. While performing these speed tasks you must not let the body fatigue by having 1 to 3 minutes rest between exercises.

Technique While wearing your bag gloves take a pair of small 1-3kg dumbbells in each hand, standing in front of the bag in your normal stance, when the start of the exercise is called use full length punches, with all punching combinations, keep the punching constant while the weights are in your hands.

The weights are then put down on the ground for a short rest before hitting the bag as fast as possible for a short period of time.

Exercise, twice a week when starting with 2 sets of 5 with 2 minutes between sets. First Set Punch for 20 seconds with the weights in hand 5 seconds rest and 10 seconds punching without the weights do this 5 times. Second Set Punch for 15 seconds with the weights in hand 5 seconds rest and 10 seconds punching without the weights do this 5 times.

Exercise, twice a week, starting with 2 sets of 5 with 2 minutes between sets, as your speed increases or it starts to feel easy increase the weight of the dumbbell.

Pure Speed Trials :This speed training method is a great way to get your boxers to really try to punch faster. Have your boxers get ready in front of a punch bag and work with 10 second and five second times on a stop watch. Explain that you are testing their punching speed and that all punches that they throw have to be full to ¾ length punches with power and that you expect 50 – 60 punches in 10 seconds which is 6 punches per second. Yes, I know your thinking nobody can punch that fast. Ask some boxers how they went so as to set up some competition in the group. Get them to count one hand as they punch and then double it, you will be surprised. The times must be short with a rest between tests so that fatigue does not affect them . For more boxing articles and boxing training info please see Modern boxing for all

Weighted Training Gloves : The use of weighted training gloves can help with speed, and also shoulder endurance to a degree, depending on the length of the sessions or rounds. The gloves are simply large bag gloves with a row of removable weights in the wrist area of the gloves, training with the extra resistance in the glove will over time help your speed when you are sparring or fighting with a much lighter glove. You can simply use these type of gloves for all of your bag work and you will notice your speed and endurance improvement over a period of time. This must be programmed into your training schedule and used regularly. Weighted gloves can be in our store.

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