Foldable boxing ring, floor level boxing ring complete with rope covers and turn buckle covers , mats and canvas. Floor boxing ring 4m x 4m or 5m x 5m post to post dimension Boxing ring is totally free standing and can be folded to clear space in gym.

Strong stable boxing ring ideal for boxing clubs and gyms. Comes with ropes covers, turnbuckles and covers and corner pads. 2 people can move the boxing ring across the gym floor or folded in about 5 minutes.

Boxing Ring Collapsible 5mx5m Training Ground Portable Boxing Ring - Buy Professional Boxing Fighting Ring,5mx5m Boxing Ring,Training Ground Portable Boxing Ring

  • Size: 4x4m; 5x5m; Custom.
  • 4 corner posts: diameter : 100mm, Tensioner hook.
  • Imitation leather rope cover: White, Blue, Red, Black, Custom.
  • Synthetic leather of fencing rope contains foam cotton at buffer layer and steel wire at inner core, well-knit and durable, non-deformable, with adjustable degree of tightness.
  • 4 corner cushions: blue, red, white, black, other color, free print logo, if custom. (custom takes 3 months)
  • Floor mats: XPE foam, thickness: 30mm.(Optional)
  • Main frame 10 years warranty.

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