This boxing ring is a simple design that heavy duty and is easy to install. It comes complete with- 4 x Heavy duty steel powder coated corner posts,1x Blue, red,2 x white 4 x fitted corner pads 4 x 30mm ropes 16 U bolts 16 turn buckles, 4 snap locks 20 floor bolts, 8 clamps. Ring does not come with rope covers.

Flooring, rope covers and turnbuckle covers are not included, 20mm jig saw matts are ideal and available at $22 each if purchased with the ring, plus freight.

To install you must have a concrete floor in your gym, the ring bolts directly to it which then becomes the floor or the ring.The ring can be made any size but the standard is 4.4m inside the ropes or 5m post to post but can be made any size Call Richard with enquires 08 94462025 Delivery is approx $270 - $330 to most capital cities in Australia

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