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The following stations are included in this beast. Vertical Knee Raise focuses on your abs, shoulders, lower back and hips.

Pull-up / Chin-up station, Punch bag, Pro adjustable speed ball Push-ups station, Dip station, Floor ceiling ball Features: 50mm x 50mm x 2mm-gauge steel tubing for a professional home or gym workout every time.

Heavy-duty Heavy Bag stand design accommodates up to 40kg heavy bag. Adjustable heavy bag arc ranging from 220cm to 240cm in height to accommodate most ceilings. Unique design allows extended range to work the Heavy Bag. 2 weight plate holders for stabilizing frame (Weight plates not included). 3 cement lag bolts to bolt unit to floor if needed.

Double End Bag station allows excellent range while working out. 4 position Pull-Up / Chin-Up station with foam padded grips for superior comfort and grip. 115cm range at widest Pull-Up / Chin-Up position. Complete 225cm Pull-Up / Chin-Up station height. V-Design Vertical Knee Raise (Holds up to 130kg). 140cm Vertical Knee Raise height for arm pads is ideal for all athletes.

Full 60cm distance between Dip Station handles (Holds up to 110kg). Double welded Push-Up Station handles with 12cm rubber grips provide ideal comfort and grip. Wide 60cm distance between Push-Up handles to really blast the arms, shoulders and chest.

Perform Sit-Ups on either side of the Push-Up Station to put the finishing touches on your fighter's body. 2 - 118cm padded vinyl protection pads with hook-and-loop closure for the professional touch. Warranty: Full 5 years on frame. 1 Year on all bags. Size: 180cm x 210cm x 240cm Weight: 140kg. (Without Bags Included) Stand Only Includes -- Complete Metal Stand, Professional Crank Wheel Adjustable Speed Bag Platform, Pro Speed Bag Swivel, All Pads, Rubber End Caps and Lag Bolts to Attach to Floor, if desired. Complete With All Bags Includes -- Complete Metal Stand, Professional Crank Wheel Adjustable Speed Bag Platform, Pro Speed Bag Swivel, 25cm Pro Leather Speed Bag, 30cm ringsport floor / ceiling ball, Ringsport 32cm x 120cm punch bag.

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